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Theses and Teaching Projects

M.A. Theses 2015-2022


Matthew Mitchell, Docti norunt audire penates: Narrative and Metapoetry in Silvae 1.2

Jennifer Murphy, O Children: Parental Revenge and the Power Dynamics of Rage in Aeschylus’s Agamemnon and William Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus

CW Wilkinson, Uncanny Hannibal: Hannibal as a Roman-like Figure during the Second Punic War


Allisa Diekman, The Social Life of the Theater at Aphrodisias in Late Antiquity

Rose Milnes, An Ancient Character in a Modern World: Re-representations of Cleopatra in Modern Visual Media


Hana Aghababian, Translating the Gospel of Matthew, with a case study of Latin and Armenian Deixis

Patrick Dix, Mussolini's Imperial Rome: The Dream of an Augustan Italy

Sarah Epplin, Tertullian and the Eucharist

Rebecca Knudson, Judicial Punishment for Marble and Bronze: Damnatio Memoriae, Statue Abuse,
and Humiliation in Antiquity

Jeffrey Nolte, Defining Medicine: A Study of Three Treatises in the Hippocratic Corpus

Brent Peterson, Three Greek Hymns in the Corpus Hermeticum: An Analysis of Marked Language and Function


Austin Becker, Alba Longa: Legacy and Authority

William Evans, Fugitives in Greek Literature and Law

Aaron Ivey, A Sunny (Dis)position: The Sun-god in Vedic and Greco-Roman Mythology

Joshua Renfro, Self-communication in Plato's Phaedrus

Justin Spalding, A Pen Pal to Predict the Future: Prognostication and Prophetic Models in Cicero's Correspondence


Hannah Bochain, The economy of Beekeeping: Examining an Overlooked Industry of the Ancient World

Alex Moskowitz, Colonizing the Histories: Foundation Stories in the Herodotean Narrative


Erin Ferguson, Costume Change in Aristophanic Comedy

Nicholas Gardner, μέμνημαι in the Iliad

Alexander Karsten, Solon Surrounded: Three Images of Self-representation in Solon's Political Poetry

Holly Maggiore, The Creation of New Realities: Theogonies, Cosmographies, and a Redefinition of Customs in Aristophanes' Birds, Clouds, and Peace

Elizabeth Neely, Lucan's Characterization of Caesar through Speech

Alison Newman, Uses of Eo in Apuleius’ Metamorphoses

Emily Sharp, Colonizing Women: A Case Study on Miscegenation and Syncretism in Archaic Greece

Kathryn Woodruff, War and the Dissolution of Women in Seneca's Troades


Silvio Curtis, The Structure of Hospitality Type-scenes in Homer and Hittite Mythology: Evidence for an Eastern Mediterranean Tradition

Marcus Hines, Political Imitation in Plato's Statesman

Devondra McMillan, Honoring the House: The Role of Atria in Roman Domestic Space


Selected Teaching Projects 2020-2022


Sarah Weiskittel, Selections from Suetonius' Biographies of the Julio-Claudians: Tantum Latine Adaptations & Notes for Intermediate Latin Students


Julie-Anne Buonasora, Selections from Ovid’s Metamorphoses

Audrey Gregory, Gardens in Horace

Philip Swanger, A Selection of Texts and Adapted Readings to Supplement Ecce Romani II

Michelle Yancich, Natura Mundi: A STEM-Focused Latin Reader for High School Students


Lucy Romero, The Origin of the Bugonia: Selections from Virgil’s Georgics Book IV

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