List below all colleges and/or universities attended for undergraduate and post-graduate credit (official transcripts from all these institutions are required by the Graduate School); include attendance at UGA. Include Institution, dates attended, degree received, and GPA.
Priority will be given to applicants who are enrolled as M.A. students in the Institute and who plan to take a full load (i.e., at least 9 hours) during the summer.
If you are not under contract to teach Latin in the current academic year, how firmly do you anticipate a contract to teach Latin for the next academic year? Please explain.
List all teaching assignments you have had, beginning with your current position.Indicate all experience you have had teaching Latin and the level(s) taught. Include School, Address, Dates (from-to), Subjects Taught, and Latin Taught.
Please list and describe below any travel or study you may have undertaken abroad that had a focus on the classical world.
Please list any grants, awards, or honors you (or your students) may have obtained in Latin and/or Classics.
Tell us about your teaching philosophy and program innovation.

By typing my name in the signature field, I certify that all information provided above is accurate to the best of my knowledge. If awarded a Summer Teacher Scholarship, I agree that I will use the funds to participate in the Classics Summer Institute at the University of Georgia, barring unforeseen emergencies. I understand that I will be required to take a full load of 9 hours of courses during the summer if awarded this scholarship.