Use this form to apply to the UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA CLASSICS STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM IN ROME. For more information, visit the Program Website or contact the Director, Dr. Bianchelli.
In addition to this form, you must submit a current college or university transcript to the program director. This transcript must be received in order for your application to be complete.
A check for the $250 must be submitted along with your application. This fee will apply toward the program fee, or will be refunded if you are not offered a place on the program, but it is non-refundable if you withdraw from the program after being admitted for any reason whatsoever. The application fee must be submitted to the Program Director as a check made payable to "UGA Classics Study Abroad in Rome." **Please note that UGA requires this application fee. 
Transcripts should be sent to Rome Program Director | Classics Department | 221 Park Hall | Athens, GA 30602

**PLEASE NOTE: This program is physically strenuous. Participants must be able to climb hills and walk several miles a day often over uneven terrain.**

Must be the email you use regularly!!
List the College or University you are attending and you major/minor program(s).
An option for Latin majors and minors or those with prior experience in Latin—LATN 4405 (The Latin Tradition of Rome) may be substituted for CLAS 4305, by permission of the director.
How did you hear about the UGA Classics Study Abroad Program in Rome?
You must complete a 100 word statement describing why you wish to study ancient Rome IN Rome and how your participation in the program relate to your declared program of study. (This window is expandable - grab the lower right corner to get a larger area).
Do you have any preference(s) or requests for roommate(s) in Rome?
If you are a vegetarian
If you are a vegetarian, please complete the remainder of this form, providing us with as much information as you can. Please be aware that Italy has far fewer vegetarians than the United States, and the accommodations for vegetarians will be much less than you may be accustomed to, often little more than replacing meat on the second dinner course with a piece of cheese or eggs. Vegetarians should plan to come with extra money to supplement their meals. USEFUL INFORMATION FOR THE PROGRAM: If you are a vegetarian, red meat is obviously excluded from your diet. Virtually all pastas and soups served as first courses at dinner will be prepared without meat, or can be offered with it. Second courses are more difficult to accommodate; please indicate below what you other needs may be, so that the staff can do their best to help you.
If there are ANY other dietary needs or restrictions NOT covered above, or other things we need to know, please tell us about them here. This window is expandable.
I understand that submitting an application for a study abroad program does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Candidates must meet minimum program requirements and be approved by the program's faculty director. Participation is also subject to availability; some programs fill up early. You will be contacted by a member of the program staff to set up an interview, which is required of all applicants. I further understand that the program or individual courses could be cancelled due to low enrollment or other factors, and I understand that I will be informed of such a decision no later than six weeks before the program's start date or as soon as possible after any adverse conditions that cause the cancellation. I hereby authorize officials at any educational institution that I have attended to release my disciplinary records (including but not limited to records maintained by the Judicial Programs and Services Office, the Registrar, the Department of Housing, and/or the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs) to the director of the UGA Classics in Rome Study Abroad Program, as well as to the Office of International Education. I fully understand that my disciplinary records could be a factor in evaluating my application and that serious infractions could result in my being excluded from participation. I further acknowledge that the information provided on this application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I fully understand that providing false information during the application process could be grounds for my application's being rejected of for my being dismissed from the study abroad program.
By typing my name in this section, I acknowledge the above statements.